by The Cheap Dates

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released September 1, 2014



all rights reserved


The Cheap Dates

Aggro Rock 'N Roll

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Track Name: She's in Love with a Rock N Roll Girl
Lanie's lacing up her boots
She's pushing up her bra
She's trying to get her hair just right
She's going to the dance
But she don't need a man
She's looking for romance tonight
Lanie left home on a Saturday night
Said she'd be fine but wasn't alright
Fucked up on coke and wanting to cry
When she walked in the bar, Stace caught her eye

Tight black jeans and high heel shoes
Leather jacket and New Wave hairdo
Lanie took a chance and asked her to dance
Stace looked her in the eye, smiled and said yes
Bottles went down as time went by
They shared a passionate kiss at closing time
Lanie said, "I don't have anywhere to go"
Stace took her by the hand and they headed out

Lo-fi girls on the streets at night
Breaking glass on the walls and picking fights
They don't care because the time is right
They've got their problems but not tonight
Lanie told Stace, "I can't go home"
"No I'm not going back, now I'm on my own"
Stace said, "Don't worry, you're not alone"
"We've got each other, we don't need approval"

Mom and dad just can't understand
Why she can't date a man
She knows with her heart and soul
That there's a fire burning inside
A passion oh so strong just can't be wrong

She's in love with a rock 'n' roll girl